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Answer to Questions-

1. if you were a hot dog and you were starving would you eat yourself?

No, but I would eat the moon if it was made of barbecued spare ribs.

2. the best advice you could ever give to 10-year-old you?

Don’t be so passive and obedient. These people don’t have your best interest at heart, and you don’t need their approval. Never be afraid to ask for help from someone else who isn’t them. 

3. what was the worst movie you ever saw?

I dunno. Probably a horror movie, I went through a horror kick when I was in 8th/9th grade. 

4. what would you like your last meal to be?

depends how i die. if there’s significant planning and preparation time, the meal will be an array of all my favorites. If I die suddenly, unexpectedly, then I guess I just get what I get. Hope it was delicious. 

5. coke or pepsi?

coke, if I have to choose one of the two. But I’d rather have Dr. Pepper. 

6. your favorite mixed drink?

Amaretto Vodka Sour

7. when was the last time you felt good about anything ever?

I don’t know. Everything good has something bad attached to it. You learn to take both. I don’t know how long it’s been since I felt purely good feelings about anything. 

8. if you could start your life over again, at what point would you start?

Provided I’d retain whatever knowledge I’d already gained thus far? Maybe around middle school. 

9. where would you rather be right now?

With Tai, somewhere outside of Texas

10. when wast the last time you really had fun?

I’m having fun right now, I have a lot of fun. 

11. in 1999 what were you doing on the internet?

In 1999 I was probably just discovering porn, and asking people their a/s/l in AOL chatrooms, and responding that mine was 16/f/england, and marveling at the great web of lies I could spin that had no consequences. Funny how in my adulthood the internet has become more about honesty for me than deception now; for a lot of people. 

Questions to Answer- 

1. Do you remember your dreams often?

2. If you’ve never done something before, does that increase or decrease your desire to do it?

3. When you get angry, do you shout or become silent?

4. Can you read/write in a non-latin-derived alphabet? 

5. Do you own anything corduroy? 

6. What is the first band (comprised of more than two people) listed in your music player?

7. Neon colors are __________.

8. How many mirrors do you have in your living space?

9. Cats, Dogs, or Rodents?

10. Are you more or less artistic than you were 3 years ago?

11. Have you ever gone to a movie alone?